So one of my current and much desired knitting projects is almost done.  I should really be parked in my recliner finishing it, because it’s so close to being done.  But, I have spent a solid 9 hours knitting.  It’s not a complicated project.  Just a tote bag to carry my knitting projects back and forth to  Stitch N’ Bitch nights.  I’m proud of it though.  I have gotten it pretty much done in two days. 

The pattern is Knit Kits “Oregon Tote”.  I have no idea why they named it that, but oh well……it should serve my purposes.  I am knitting it up out of Lambs Pride with the body of the bag in black.  The contrasting in I-cord and handle are out of Cascade 220 in a gorgeous lime green.  I didn’t even realize it until I got it home, but the yarn matches the color scheme of my favorite hoodie.  How cool is that?  The bag will be felted when it’s done….and hopefully dry in time for Monday night Stitch and Bitch. 

 I have a feeling I am not going to feel much like knitting for a day or two though.  This was really a marathon session….and black yarn is just really hard to see sometimes…..especially if you have to rip something out and pick thos little stinkin’ loops back up and get them oriented correctly. 🙂  Any sewer or knitter will know what I am talking about here.

On another note. I finally found a replacement for my beloved local yarn store that is closing down.  The owner was kind enough to reccomend a new yarn shop for me.  I promptly drug my husband with me to go check it out, and am happy to report that it will definitely fill the bill.  My husband just sat in the car reading his book……but its so nice that he will chauffer me around to my various craft stores.  I know someday I will have to return the favor….

 I will post pictures when my bag is done.