Finished Squares

Here are some pictures of my in-progress Lizard Ridge squares.  The knitting is fairly easy.  The most complicated technique thus far is wrapping and turning, which creates the ripple and gives the squares their characteristic egg-crate appearance.

 The kureyon is interesting to work with…..I keep finding all sorts of grass and little bits of stuff in the yarn.  Additionally, it is also spun rather unevenly, ranging from barely twisted to so tight that it its barely the diameter of a thread.  That makes it a little challenging, but so far it has worked out fine.

 Can you spot the salvage balls?

  Each square is approximately 3/4 ball of Noro Kureyon.  Since there is quite a bit leftover after each square…..So I have been using the leftover yarn to make my own colorways.  The colors are a little more shocking, but sprinkled throughout the afghan they should look pretty good.