April 2007

img_0763.jpgimg_0765.jpgAt long last, the debut photos of my first hand knit socks.  The particulars:  Socks That Rock – Lightweight in the Rooster Rock colorway.  The pattern is the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin’ Sock.  I used a size 2 circular needle for the magic loop method, and turned the heel with size one double points.

 !img_0764.jpgimg_0762.jpgThese socks are so comfy.  I am fairly pleased with the way the colors striped on the left sock.  It was the second sock I made.  I am not sure why the color pooled in the first sock I knitted, but oh well.  If thats the only complaint I have, I am not upset.  I actually rather like having them both look a little different colorwise.

 I must pass my compliments on to Blue Moon Fiber Arts, the pattern was particularly well done.  There were options for either a short row heel (which I did) or a traditional garter stitch flap.  Also, were options for 3 different toe designs.  Directions for figuring out your guage and Cast On number, were also provided.  In fact I have chosen another of their patterns for my next sock – Cedar Creek.  It will be my first attempt knitting from a chart.  I am looking forward to trying out some other heel and toe techniques as well.

Thanks to Julie, Caryn, Bethany, and Anna for all of their excellent advice and help on my first socks!


So, I don’t have any new pictures of pretty yarn to share today. But I am nearly done with sock #2. It should be finished late tonight or tommrow. I have finished the heel and I’m about a 1/3 of the way down the foot. This sock has definitely gone a lot smoother. The heel was easier, in that I didn’t have to frog it 4 times before figuring out what YO was supposed to look like :). I am also figuring out how to rescue dropped stitches without it looking like a total mess. So YAY for that.

I will hold off on the pictures until I have two complete socks to show off. I know the anticipation is killing you! Well its killing me too. I want these socks off the needles, so I can wear them! I don’t care if its spring, you just can’t go wrong with a nice breathable pair of merino wool socks.

The kitties definitley love sock knitting. Sock yarn is the perfect size to floss with! So I just have to fight the cat spit on the yarn.

Back to knitting…..pictures coming soon 🙂

img_0727.jpgSo it’s a little late.  But here is my pick for Yarn P*rn Fridays.  The latest addition to my stash just this afternoon!  I picked up this little number at Lamb’s Ear Farm in Tacoma, WA. 

 A skein of Frabjous Fibers:  Kathmandu Original.  This is 100% recycled Sari silk mill ends spun into yarn.  From the label:  Handspun by women’s cooperatives from silk weaving mill waste.  For all of you interested in socially responsible buying this a great product! 

 The pictures just don’t do the colors justice.  These are the most irredescent pinks, blues, purples, and oranges.   They positively gleam like jewels in the sunshine.

img_0720.jpgAs suggested by my fellow newbie sock knitter, T ~  Yarn P*rn for Friday.

Here are three new skeins of Socks that Rock.  The bright pretty one is Fire on the Mountain…..a B-day present from my Sister!  Thanks G.

 I also finished knitting my first sock…..and once I figure out how to resize all the pictures that are apparently too big to upload I will post pictures.