Well after a short hiatus to make my sister’s Birthday present, I have more lizard ridge progress to show off.  This square was made this afternoon. This brings me to a total of 13 squares so far:

most recent square 5/10/07 Completed Squares

ColorburstI have been experimenting with different color switches.  I have tried knitting alternately from the outside and inside of the skein, but sometimes that just doesn’t get quite as much contrast as I want for this project.  I have also tried knitting every ripple from a different skein of yarn, which does look nice, but I want some more variety still.  The other method I have tried, which I used for the latest ball, was to take alternately from two separate balls, but make sure to keep proceed in the same order through the ball, preserving the gradual shift in colors within each ripple, but since each ripple is from a different skein it still gives a better contrast.

I am thinking that I will try to make sure I make several squares with each technique to ensure that none of the squares look out of place.  I also think that mixing up the methods will allow me a little more control in insuring that none of the colors is under-represented.