July 2007

Well make that a bootie, as in a baby bootie!  No I don’t have any exciting news to share with my dear readers…..  I’m just adding to my hope(less) chest.  I found this pattern for booties at Saartje Knit’s Blog . The pattern is available in English as a free PDF download.

I have to say these are just the cutest little things! You can see another version at The Purl Parables. Brandy made her darling booties out of leftover Socks that Rock.

So far I only have one made up, but #2 will soon follow.Saartje’s BootieSaartje’s Bootie
Project Stats:
Pattern – Saartje’s Booties free PDF download
Yarn – Rowan Denim in Memphis and Ecru colors
Needles – Addi Turbo Circ. Size 3
Buttons – La Mode Style #4615 (pearlized shank buttons)

Pictures:     Saartje’s Bootie   Saartje’s Bootie 2  These don’t show up as well as I would like since I used my bed sheets as a neutral backdrop.  I will take better pictures of both booties once I get the second one finished


I was reading the Yarn Harlot this morning and her post reminded me of my summers growing up.  My mom is a former high school teacher and 4-H leader who had no intention of letting me rot my brain during the summer with TV.  I don’t remember precisely what year she started it, but during the summers my sister and I would wake up (by 7:00 am if I remember correctly) and head down to breakfast to find a list taped to the stove hood every morning. 

 On that list was usually 4-5 different chores that we were supposed to accomplish.  They weren’t anything terribly outlandish, and being the stay at home mom that she was, she knew if we were wasting our time.  Neither my sister nor I were allowed to get a formal job until after we graduated from highschool, so we earned our spending money through allowances and our 4-H prize money and the occaisonal large project like painting or major yard work. 

 Summer was our prime time for cranking out things to enter in the fair, clothes, crafty things, photos, baked goods etc.  It was a pretty good way to earn money, and we both usually did quite well, about $75 to $100 dollars, and we weren’t even on the end of things that earned the most money (the animals).  Not to mention that we got a lot of our school clothes out of the deal!  Dad was one of the major benefactors of our summer baking, life for him just wasn’t complete if there weren’t homemade cookies around, and most of his (and our) lunches were sandwiches made with homemade bread (and not out of a bread machine either). 

I really long for those days sometimes.  I’m now a married adult and I am finding several years down the road, Mom really did know best!  I need those lists to keep me focused on my goals.  I can honestly say, I do now rot my brains with the TV……but I am nearly always doing other productive things at the same time, reading, working on the computer, knitting, sewing, cleaning, cooking etc.  I don’t just veg. out in front of the idiot box I am productive!  But I am thinking that I am about ready to start making myself lists again.  I don’t work outside the home, so I just don’t realize where the time goes sometimes.  I made a great start this morning,  I got up and took a walk this morning before sitting down to the computer.

 Heres to the “mean moms” everywhere!  I love you mom, and yes,  you really did know best!

Hello All,

 img_0891.jpg  Here is the first picture of my in-progress Monkey sock.  I like it so far, it’s a reasonably easy pattern to work, but not one that I am very confident about yet, so it’s slow going for me.  I have been working on this for several weeks, but with lots of breaks for other projects.

This is the Rolling Stone  colorway from Blue Moon Fiber Arts in lightweight.

 Happy summer knitting!

What is your favorite knitting magazine and why?

 I am currently subscribed to Interweave Knits, which I love.  I am on the lookout for other great magazines.  What I’m primarily interested in is something that also includes plus size patterns, up to 22-24 women’s at least, and with more contemporary styles.

 So what say you knitters?  Name your sources and inspirations!

I haven’t really shown off a finished sewing project before.  So here is a sample of what else I do with my time.  This is McCall’s Pattern M4664, called spa essentials. I just used the pattern for the hoodie. It has princess seams, inseam pockets, a front zip and hood. The pattern only went up to a size XL (A bust line of 42-44″) That definitely isn’t me. With help from my sewing guild ladies I got it upsized by about 4 sizes.

One of my major frustrations sewing with commercial patterns is the fact that so few of them go up to my size. I am not a skinny little thing, so I certainly expect less choice than the non-plus sizes, but when you can’t even find convential wardrobe basics in plus sizes it gets really irritating. I am really thankful that I have a lot of resources for help with fitting.

So without further ado, here is a  picture! Hoodie

More knitting pictures are coming soon!

I thought I would post a picture or two of my other hobby.  My Cats!  Since I am still trying to learn how to use Adobe to resize my pictures here is a link to Snickers and the Eyes O’ Death (just click on the partial picture to see the full size image).  She is obviously not amused.

 Can  you tell I finally found the cable to download the pictures off my camera? 🙂

Lizard StarburstBlanket LayoutAfter a long blog posting hiatus here are some more pictures of knitting progress.  Can you spot the new squares?  I have one more square on the needles.  But I may lay aside the Lizard for a while to work on my next pair of socks. 

 I am on to my second pair of socks.  I am working on a pair of Monkey Socks from Knitty. After looking at several other knitting Blogs like January One and Fiberjinx for my knitterly inspiration, I just couldn’t let this pattern go unknit. I am through the cuff and the first three of six repeats on the lace pattern. I am working in Socks That Rock; “Rolling Stone” .  The lace pattern is fairly easy to learn, even if I did have to practice yarn overs a lot :).  Pictures will be forthcoming!

Happy Summer Knitting Everyone!