Lizard StarburstBlanket LayoutAfter a long blog posting hiatus here are some more pictures of knitting progress.  Can you spot the new squares?  I have one more square on the needles.  But I may lay aside the Lizard for a while to work on my next pair of socks. 

 I am on to my second pair of socks.  I am working on a pair of Monkey Socks from Knitty. After looking at several other knitting Blogs like January One and Fiberjinx for my knitterly inspiration, I just couldn’t let this pattern go unknit. I am through the cuff and the first three of six repeats on the lace pattern. I am working in Socks That Rock; “Rolling Stone” .  The lace pattern is fairly easy to learn, even if I did have to practice yarn overs a lot :).  Pictures will be forthcoming!

Happy Summer Knitting Everyone!