Last weekend, I buried myself in my sewing room in order to get a little work done.  I have had a frustrating year fit wise, because my favorite source for tee-shirts changed the quality of fabric that they were using to something really inferior that stretches out like crazy.  Given that I don’t work outside the home, I really wear a ton of tee-shirts, so I needed to restock.

I hit a decent sale at JoAnn’s and found the neat jersey knit for 11.00 for a yard and a half….Plenty enough, even for me.  Check out the subtle vertical stripes.  Vertical is good for lengthening and slimming, and I need as much of that as I can get 🙂

Jersey Tee

I also found a nicely colored cotton interlock knit.  I am not as happy with this one, due to the weight of the fabric, but it works, and it looks ok.  Notice the ripply hem on the red shirt.  If I had used the super duper fusible tape that my Mom gave me, that bottom hem would look a lot nicer…..I’m still looking for it Mom….

Interlock Tee

And in other news my friend Tana, from the The Constant Evolution of Things Has nominated me as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger!  I’m thrilled, thank you Tana!  From what I understand, now I get to nominate some folks of my own.  I will have to do some thinking as to who to nominate. 🙂


Coming Soon:  Photos of new Lizard Ridge Squares 🙂  Yes, I’m still working on it.