Sorry for going AWOL on you all.   My long delay in posting was caused in part by a nasty computer virus that took the computer out of commission for a week.  But I put that time to good use…..  By finishing my Lizard Ridge squares!

Lizard 1

Lizard 4

Lizard 2

Lizard 3

I was able to borrow a friend’s floor to lay out my squares… biggest open space wasn’t quite  big enough.  She even had her hubby vaccum for me….Thanks Allan and Tana 🙂

 I am really excited about the possibilities for the blanket.  I’m not sure there is a wrong way that this can be layed out, and its even a little hard to tell the difference between some of the arrangements that have been created.  I have 4 extra squares, which are a start to my sister’s blanket.  It was really nice to have a few spares to switch out, because there were certainly a few that didn’t really fit the color schemes that I have come up with.

Posts may be a little sparser, although they haven’t been terribly regular lately.  I am off to Denver to visit my sis for a week.  But I have also landed a job at one of our local indepedent fabric stores.  Don’t worry, I will still post pictures of my projects…..I have plenty upcoming ideas 🙂

 Happy Knitting!