Yesterday, while I was on a hunt for pattern at JoAnn’s using their $4.00 Vogue Pattern sale, I took a look through the book rack.  I don’t normally really find much at my local JoAnns, since their selection is pretty slim (there is a fairly decent JoAnns Etc. a little further afield that is a little more stocked). 

But low and behold on the bottom of the bookshelf, in the back corner, hidden behind six other books,  I scored a copy of Victorian Lace Today for $14.00, after using the Colombus Day Sale coupon for 50% off.

Victorian Lace Today

I find this is a great way to add to both my sewing and knitting reference library.  JoAnn’s routinely sends out 40% off coupons in their fliers.  I don’t always have anything that I really want to get, so a lot of times the coupons go by unused.  I have been able to pick up several good reference books, usually stitch dictionaries, or how-to guides….but occaisonally a gem like this pops up and I snap it up.

 For those of you on a budget, keep an eye out at your local big box fabric and craft stores and use those coupons to stock your library!