November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  I wanted to take a moment to remember and be thankful for all the lovely women and men in my life who have taught and supported me in my hobbies! 

My mom and dad who tirelessly supported me growing up, and taught me that it is Not a shameful thing to craft, either in fabric, words, or pictures, or the kitchen. 

 To my husband who loves and supports me and motivates me to finish projects. 

To my sister who has provided a lot of motivation and incentive over the years to hone my skills, and to Tana who encouraged me to start blogging so I could share my work.

 To all the other people who have supported, encouraged, educated, and dreamed with me. 


To my readers; what are you thankful for?


Well I am finally on the home stretch for my Lizard Ridge blanket.  Here is the final arrangement I decided on for the squares:


and another view with my chosen color for the border.


I’m about 2/3 of the way through seaming the squares together, and will then begin the crochet border.  I have seen several alternative borders on other people’s versions of this blanket…..but I am thinking that I like the rippled border that the pattern called for.  It mimics the ripples in the blanket, I think.  My goal is to have this finished by the end of the month.  It really will only take a few good days of work…..but I am working now, and that is taking more time. 

 So far I am really enjoying my job.  I am essentially the fashion sewing specialist at a local independent fabric store.  I will not be naming the name publically, but suffice to say, its a nice job with really good benefits considering that its part time retail work.  The best part is getting to pet the fabric and yarn!

I hope to present you with finished blanket pictures soon.