My word, I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas.  I have been keeping very busy working a lot and trying to finish off a number of different projects.  December is always a busy month for us.  So without further ado;  the projects.

My American Sewing Guild neighboorhood group has an orphan fabric exchange every summer.  We each choose a piece of fabric of at least one yard, place it in a paper bag, and then exchange with each other.  We have until our Christmas potluck to figure out something to do with the fabric.  I received a large piece of a navy blue woven.  It was fairly large weave, and I’m sure its cotton with very possibly some linen or something else that wrinkles like crazy.  I used a McCall pattern to make a simple princess seamed blouse.  Other than the hazy picture, I am quite happy with the product.


The next project was a store sample for the fabric store I work at.  Due to a week of really crummy weather we had a couple slow days, so I started work on a sample for them.  Here is a sweet pea beanie.




The underside of the leaf is lined with a contrasting leaf print cut from a fat quarter from my stash.

 I have more projects to share, but will post them later this week.  I hope everyone is winding down on their holiday season projects. 

All for now