Arrgghhh, you know I set deadlines for myself with the best of intentions……but egads trying to get stuff done around the holidays is hard for me.  It was a big change for me working this year.  This is the busiest time of year for retail sales, and then everyone always wants time off to be with family.  To further complicate matters, my wedding anniversary is the 28th, so we have definitley been busy.

Anyway here are a few more pictures of my Christmas and pre-Christmas projects.  These American Girl Doll clothes were given to my nieces for Christmas.  Yes, that is my doll from my own childhood.  I particularly liked how the pajama outfit turned out.  The robe and slipper material was a Minkee knock-off from JoAnns remnant bin.  It was fairly difficult to work with, given the thickness.



My other project was this portfolio.  The Fancy Cats fabric was found where I work.  The pattern is from a  local sewing guild friend and pattern designer.  You can find her blog and online store at Pink Chalk Studio



So these were the last of my holiday time projects.  Work has slowed back down to normal, and all my co-workers are back in town, so I have more normal hours now.  I have finally finished seaming the Lizard, but before its final photo shoot I will back it and maybe do a border.  I also have a new camera, from my inlaws for Christmas, so hopefully my photography for this blog will improve a bit! 

Well, back to my sewing!  I am working on a simple rice therapy bag.  They make a great heating pad for sore joints!  See ya soon!