Ok,  Next up, the Baby Bolero from One Skein by Leigh Radford.

 Baby Bolero front view

This was another sample for work.  Since we don’t carry the recommend Blue Sky Alpaca’s yarn, I used Lion Brand Organic Cotton in the “Bark” colorway.  It was a reasonable substitution, but I remember that I really don’t care to knit with cotton all that much.  All the cotton yarns I have worked with shed and split a lot.  This was really no exeption.  But it did block out much nicer than I had thought it would.

Baby Bolero, picture from One Skein

I have discovered, despite sewing for many many years now, that I really hate seaming my knitted garments.  Its not second nature for me like hand sewing is.  The blocking definitely helped with the poor seaming job, but I’m still not really happy with it.  I probably need to break down and take a class on finishing, since once I see how things are done, I can usually copy them with reasonable success.

Baby Bolero, back view

Despite my issues, I am still thrilled with how nicely this turned out, and I’m ready to jump into more knitted garments.  I’m not quite ready to do sweaters for myself yet…..I wan’t to work out my issues with finishing before I try that.  But still. this was a fun little knit, and only ended up taking about 8-9 hours of work.  Someone faster could certainly turn this out in a day. 

One more picture, Baby Bolero, front, close up

*Note – There are errata for this pattern listed at the designer website.  I also increased the number of sleeve stitches by 2 on the sleeve increases.  I don’t think I could have gotten them to fit otherwise.