Hi all,

Here is one of the items that I created in preparation for my trip. I made up this nifty purse/handbag from a pattern from my friend Kathy at Pink Chalk Studio . This nifty hands free handbag is just the trick for my upcoming adventures and the inevitable trips to major theme parks that my husband has in mind.

This silk version, is not necessarily great for the water rides at Magic Mountain, but it has been just the ticket for toting around all the essentials for dry days at the zoo…camera, sunscreen, cash, husbands junk (I volunteered to make him one, but he declined the offer). The silk base of the bag is an embroidered silk found at Pacific Fabrics in Bremerton The flat fold tables are a treasure trove of different fabrics. If you take the time to root around you can come up with some lovely treasures. The rest of the fabric was also purchased at Pacific Fabrics.


The contrasting strap and top of bag are made of a marvelous silk duppioni. The bag and strap are fully lined in a fun asian themed quilting cotton. I was really pleased how the whole project turned out. The inside of the bag has plenty of pockets (one zippered, and one divided) for carrying around the essentials, and keeping the sunglasses from getting scratched up when they float around the bottom of the purse with my keys.

Check out this fabulous organization:

The pattern instructions were easy to follow, especially regarding the option to make two different sized bags. I made the kids sized bag (since I’m not a big purse type of gal) but with an adult length strap lengthened even further to traverse the terrain so to speak :). Also, the instructions for the optional zippered pocket are good even for a beginner to learn on.

I made another one of these bags, that I will share in a later post. In the meantime, I leave you with……..You guessed it! More meerkat pictures!

Digging a hole to China perhaps?

Just kicking back…and kicking a stick

Talk to you all soon!