Well after moving, I finally found my USB cable so I could download my pictures! I got my bag felted yesterday.

Wow, it’s finally finished! Nearly a year later, I have finally got this beast done. While not a particularly difficult pattern, it was a long term project for me. This has been such a busy year, that I have been working on several knitting projects simultaneously.

The French Market Bag on Knitty was designed by Polly Outwhaite. The bag itself on Knitty wasn’t particularly inspiring to me, but after seeing this version by PA KnitWit, I was inspired to make my own. I loved her use of Paton’s Soy Wool Stripes.

So my version is Paton’s Soy Wool Stripes; 6 balls. After looking at the pattern I was puzzled why such small needles were used for a felting project. That really kind of worried me, because I like a really tight felt….and it always seems like the tighter I knit, the less it really felts up the way I like it. So I did go up from the recommended size 7 needles to size 10’s.


Despite making it about 4 inches taller than the pattern called for, it still was smaller than I expected, but I am guessing that might be due to how tight I got it felted.


I did notice that the yarn felted up really nice and tightly, but it had an awful lot of fuzzy halo around it. The fuzz was so long that it kind of ended up matted and sticking up funny. I wasn’t so happy with that, but a good once over with a set of Barber clippers set on No. 2 fixed that.



I am definitely pleased with the outcome, and can always use knitting bags and totes, so this works great. I would certainly recommend the pattern, it is quite easy using simple increases, decreases, and stockinette stitch. It’s a good introduction to Kitchner stitch used to graft the handles together, especially given that it’s felted, so if you goof it like I did, no one will ever know 🙂

Thanks for reading! Monkey Sock pictures coming soon!