Hello again,  I have been absent for quite a while.  Mr. Nemesis and I finally returned home and are re-settled in our apartment again.  I have been busy busy at work.  Apparently I was missed because I got tossed right back into the fray at work. 

I haven’t had a lot of time for projects since I got back.  I have been doing a lot of work to get my apartment cleaned out.  I got back and realized just how much junk I have sitting around, that I just don’t use.  Amazing what sitting in a (rather sparsely) furnished government issue apartment will teach you!   So I got back and realized just how much I have in crafty supplies.  In honor of a New Years resolution to use up some of my stash I bring you Tudora.

Tudora 003

This little pattern was from Knitty’s Winter 2007 issue. This simple asymetrical neckwarmer made a great stashbusting project for me. As well as my first finshed project of 2009. I learned how to do cabling as well. I loved the Tudor theme of this project. As my family and friends can attest I am a history junkie with a particular interest in the Tudor and Elizabethan era’s of British history.

I found the perfect buttons for this in my stash, a stylized pewter rose fits with the Tudor theme perfectly. The pattern was designed with only one button, so this was my first time making substantial changes to a pattern. I added and extra button hole and also changed the stitch pattern of the button flap. I really feel that 2 buttons balances the look of the piece better anyway. I have seen other versions using a much larger single button or toggle type closure.

Tudora 005

I will try to have a few more things to put up here soon. My work schedule has evened out a bit now, so I am having a bit more time to work on crafty pursuits…..plus I cleaned out my studio/guest room and rediscovered all my treasures 🙂