So I have another post for you today. I have the sewing mojo back, finally, and have been cranking out projects. This little number is for a booth sample at the Sewing Expo in Puyallup, WA at the end of February. I won’t mention what booth it will be in, but keep an eye out and you should spot it at a busy booth!


The dress pattern is from Portabello Pixie’s Claire pattern. It’s the Round Apron Dress. The fabric is a newer fairy fabric that my employer carries. We have been selling out of it like crazy, and I just managed to snag enough to complete this little dress.

I must say, after making the pattern up, I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the pattern and instructions. The actual pattern pieces themselves are commercially printed on tissue. I noticed no errors, and all the pieces fit together beautifully. The instructions were included in a little book, and the author really took the time to lay them out well. She devoted a section at the back of the instructions devoted to tips and tricks for the more complicated aspects of the techniques required to complete the 4 versions of dresses included in the pattern. While, I wouldn’t recommend this as a first sewing project for someone, the pattern was definitely easy to follow with lots of easy to understand instructions. Pair all of this up with a liberal copyright policy (the author allows folks to make up garments for resale using her pattern, provided its not an assembly line) and you have a great pattern.

I was really pleasantly surprised over the success with this, since I have had some bad experiences with badly drafted independent patterns. The photographed dresses on the pattern are definitely not to my taste (to patchworky) but I think this turned out pretty cute for a little kid.


Since I don’t have an embroidery machine, one of my coworkers did the little flower motif on the apron for me. Turned out cute didn’t it !