So I have been busy busy with the sewing and knitting lately. Plus a visit to the 2009 Sewing Expo in Puyallup, Washington. What a fun place to spend time exploring my favorite fabric outlets and getting inspired. All I can say is SEWING IS NOT DEAD! It was great fun to see so many men and women with a common love of a hobby. It was also great to see so many younger people there.

So enough of my fun times, here is one of my latest projects. I used this cute little pattern to create an apron. I’m thinking I might try using this pattern to teach a class at work. The French Flea Market Apron calls for four contrasting fabrics to create a tiered effect. The ties are extra long to wrap around to the front. This is my version


I used a couple of asian quilting cottons, and a fairy frost to create my version. I really loved the sushi print. I’m not really a quilter, but I do see some of these cute fabrics that I would love to work with, so this lets me put them to use. I did decide to just use the sushi print as the ties as well. I think it’s just fine for my purposes.

Here is a picture from a further distance. As you can see it’s quite long.


All in all a cute little pattern. I found the instructions to be quite easy to follow, and really pretty uneccesary for myelf….but I’m also checking on the quality of the instructions for teaching purposes. A great way to introduce gathering, and tube-turning to a new sewing audience.