Ok, anyone who knows me, knows that I love to bake. It has been said that I single-handedly support the C&H Sugar company, and that my dentist must send me personal Christmas cards for using so much sugar.

Normally, the recipients of my baking are Mr. Nemesis’ coworkers……who are definitely appreciative. But this one was all for me. I found this recipe for Pioneer Woman’s Apple Dumplings. Oh man, these things are to die for!

My normal family recipe for Apple Dumplings is to peel and core apples, fill the empty core with butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon, then wrap the whole shooting match in pie dough and bake them. Well, there is more to the recipe than that…..but you get the general idea. Pioneer Woman’s recipe is really different. It has a different flavor than mine, but still, the recipe is amazing.

Her’s are made with Pillsbury crescent roll dough, apples, butter, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and a can of Mtn. Dew. Yes, you read that right…..Mtn Dew. I don’t know quite what it does to it, but it sure does make an out-of-this-world sauce. So head on over to Pioneer Woman’s Blog, and check out her Apple Dumpling recipe. She also has a bunch of other awesome recipes…..some that have been in my recipe box for many years.

Happy Baking!